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  • Linda Fessler

    Boxed wine purse. Time to get my drink on.

  • Christine Bowen

    Ladies, ladies ladies. I have got some great news for you! Boxed wine now comes in a high-end fashion purse. If taking a big ol' box of Franzia to a party is to gauche for your taste; Vernissage's "bag-in-a-bag" wine is the product for you. It's boxed-wine shaped like a handbag. Elliot Stern,

  • Fabulous Lady Style

    Now this looks classy! Vino en vogue: Swedish company Vernissage is launching three varieties of boxed wine to the States that are disguised to look like women's handbags, ... Awesome. #Fashion

  • Autumn Maggard

    Boxed Wine Purse: Genius Idea or Totally Nuts? | Fashion - Yahoo! Shine

  • Akriti Joshi

    Fashionable Wine Box Handbags by Sofia Blomberg

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Great idea! Wine Bottle Weathervane - Pouring Wine Bottle Photo, the "glasses" on the directionals have red glass in them, so it looks like the wine bottle is filling them up as the wind turns the bottle.

when the #wine is talking to you.....

wine cake Cake iced in buttercream, except for top tier, shaped and covered in fondant. Gumpaste grapes, leaves, vines, and wine bottle.

Myriad "grape-specific" glass shapes are available for the wine nerd, but you really only need these three styles.

Lmao with this! So thats why you drink boxed wine...!

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions, and more tolerance.

Speaking of wine, I spent some of my summer making wine but sadly I will not be getting one drop. :( Why can't 21 come sooner?!?

I want to take all these elements and put them on a pizza crust, my own making of course, and eat it with that glass of red wine. In fact my pizza dough is in the frig. Made it last night. So it is on my menu today.

“I like on the table, when we're speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine.” ― Pablo Neruda