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Well, I must say, I've never been on so many field trips in one quarter. Lucky for me, my field trips usually revolve around design (p.

Eating well is always in your budget.  Trust me.  Hospital admissions are terribly expensive, so are diabetes meds.

Is healthy eating expensive? yes and no. Expensive is a relative term, but before we even get into all that, lets take a moment to define what we mean by healthy, shall we?

Making the Most of Your Pantry ~ I don’t get too OCD over my pantry because there are more important things in life to worry about than a perfect pantry.  I want my pantry to function well, meaning I want to see the foods I use so they don’t get wasted, but I’m not really very concerned with specific places for things.  I organize my pantry in general spaces.  Here is a big picture view of my pantry.

Making the Most of Your Pantry ~ Organize Your Kitchen Frugally Day 28 - Organizing Homelife