Irish Dance™ Barbie

Dancing with the Stars Samba Barbie

Dolls of the World Spain Barbie® Doll

Deirdre of Ulster Barbie Doll- Irish Barbie Doll <3 all the Irish Barbies. lol! i actually have the Princess of Ireland Barbie in my room. LOL my heritage is showing.

Ireland Barbie® Doll

Angel of Peace™ Barbie® Doll :: Second in the enchanting Timeless Sentiments™ Collection of angels comes Angel of Peace™ Barbie® doll, bringing a gentle reminder that peace is hidden in every moment if only we will be still and discover it. Irresistible in a heavenly blue gown, her angel wings seem to reflect the golden light of an early morning sunrise. Poised in grace and tranquility, Angel of Peace Barbie® can serve as a reminder to seek peace and calm wherever she is displayed. RD 1/1/19...


๑Miss Ukraine 2006'

kate spade Barbie® Doll Barbie Designers - View Collectible Barbie Dolls By Famous Designers | Barbie Collector

Barbie Chanel Handbag

Barbie Collector Dolls of the World Japan Doll


Queen of the Constellations Barbie Doll - Fantasy Barbie Dolls 2013 | Barbie Collector


Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

Vintage Barbie with Red Hair and Green Dress. May I have one in my size? Back when they dressed Barbie like a lady.

Irish Barbie

French Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector


<0> Barbie Mini Floral Satin Dress

Watercolor Sparkles Barbie