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i dont know if all of these are true but they are pretty cool.

Harry Potter Facts Part 8 Favorite Fact--Not Numbered **Alan Rickman**

Harry Potter Facts Part 2. Part 5: Part 4:

Harry Potter Facts Part 7 - #7 got cut off, but it was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't figure it out yourself :)

Some of these are... Contradictory to past facts and statements made by JK... Also, wtf, there's no one there could only be five other schools, as each school seems to have a blatant demographic they come from. Hogwarts, UK, Beaubaxtons, French, Durmstrange, Scandinavian/Russian/German. Five schools doesn't cover Asia, North America... Australia. Nope, this doesn't make since.

Had to repin, because I think it is neat. But fact #3 is WRONG. James Potter was in fact the seeker, because in Order of the Phoenix, when Harry looks in the pensive, he sees the memory of his father playing with a snitch that he stole from the quidditch shed. He kept letting the snitch get further and further and would catch it at the last minute, trying to impress Lily.

Harry Potter Facts Part 3 (is it bad when I read these and feel the need to correct them?) but idk if i posted this...sorry it happens a lot

I was most surprised that Narcissa Malfoy was not a death eater. I knew the rest of them weren't but I totally thought that she was.

Harry Potter facts, I wish the book series went on forever, it will be hard finding a series as good as this one, thank you J.K. Rowling!!!

Harry Potter facts