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Alan Rickman was born to play this part ♥!!

That moment when you realize the Harry Potter character you relate to the most is...Severus Snape

Yes Snape is inspiring.... and his knowledge would be of great value if we could get it ;)

The friendzone is a dark place friends. But until youre friendzoned like Snape, You can deal with it.

snape. snape. severus snape. - Imgur

Snape really wouldn't have been appreciative of having a Potter named after him. Snape loved Lily, but he hated Harry, James, and just about everyone else.

While everyone was drooling over Harry, Draco and Hermione, i was very much in love with Professor Snape hehe ;P

I love it... my husband and I put these quotes in our wedding bands.

"Severus Snape Wakes Up" | I support Lily/James over Lily/Severus, but I like to think this was Snape's heaven.

It certainly is, Snape. It certainly is.

I was so upset in the second to last book when he killed Dumbledore because I was just starting to kind of like him and think maybe he wasn't as bad as we thought. THEN came chapter 33 in the last book....