Fridge Magnets

vintage magnets.. my grandma had these :)

Fruit fridge magnets

Mushroom Kitchen Decor. It seems like everyone had these.

Anyone remember these from the early 70's?? Vintage oversized wooden fork & spoon wall art. I want!!!

My Grandma had these and now my mom currently has them!

Krazy Straws!

I loved this gum.

pink ~

Coaster sets we had this set

i remember these!

Loved this!!!

we had this! You put the plastic bonnet on your head and hooked up the air hose, then you sat for 30 minutes...almost like being at the salon. :) I also remember sweatin at the end of the 30 minutes.

Tupperware Sippy Cups

Bass Sandals

1970's plates.

I remember having vintage tupperware in my toy kitchen as a kid...they were awesome!

My grandma had these.

Miss you Grandma <3

Swag Lamps

Magnetic alphabet letters