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This is real life. I will do this.

Bathroom ideas for decorating...haha Taylor would never stop laughing

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Waterfall shower... yes please.

Lonny Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Jamie Herzlinger

I like the idea of shallow cabinets sunken into the wall space. Bathroom ideas

shower door revamp

Northern Lights Heat Sensitive Tile

I like this kind of vanity in bathrooms... But would it be hard to keep clean? Hmmmn

Curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer hidden solution inside your false or faux panel POJJO - Bathroom Organizer

More frameless shower doors in a small bathroom (like mine).

Fruit neat! Better then a bowl sitting on the counter!

so cute

Just the thing to keep me from getting claustrophobic in the shower. No door, glass wall shower. :D LOVE!

Water water everywhere! Wow! >> this is amazing! I want to try it!

Walk in shower entry. No glass the lack of cleaning this would require

Open walk in shower, subway tiles, glass partition, towel rack

Put a bed in a closet so the whole room is open and it looks so cozy. Guest room idea