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Oh wow.  It is...

The story behind the use of Torchwood is great- it was being used by pirates to label bootlegged Doctor Who episodes, when they were exposed the shows higher ups loved it so much they incorporated it into Doctor Who.

Betcha sang it in your head. I totally did.

These are a few of my favorite things. Doctor who / supernatural / Sherlock / Harry potter / The Lord of the rings / Merlin

Doctor Who 05x13: The Big Bang


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.one of my favorite scenes

LOVE this! ME & B.J.  :) ; we  understand this perfectly.

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Good to know! Tardis blue - Im gonna need this one day.

As I am always referring to it. As do my children. "look mom! This candy is Tardis Blue!" do proud ;) --- That is parenting done right!

Exactly! This would be awesome! Wait, just thought of something. I would be sooo bored running a real marathon, but if we were on running machines and in front of the machines was a tv that played all 3 LOTR movies without stopping, I think it would be fun.

Sometimes when I say "I'm okay". I want someone too look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say, "Let's watch Doctor Who"

Just... David.

Me too, David. You are wonderful, David Tennant. Have I mentioned that I love you?

omg yes.

Steven Moffat on his inspiration for the Weeping Angels. >> if by cool you mean creepy. then yes.

:( I want a guy to do that for me <3


Excuse as my heart breaks into a billion little pieces