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Martha (Cline) Mccoy, Widow of Asa Harmon Mccoy

Frank Phillips, he shot and killed Devil Anse Hatfield uncle Vance and arrested other Hatfields for the murder of Randolph McCoys sons and he married Nancy McCoy after she divorced Johnse Hatfield.

Daniel McCoy - The father of Randolph "Randall" McCoy of the Hatfield & McCoy feud 1790 -1885). #genealogy


Hatfield and McCoy feud--"Devil Anse" Hatfield and wife Levicy Chafin Hatfield

Ranel McCoy~~~The Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud Photo 1899 West Virginia Kentucky Hillbillys | eBay

Feud between the Hatfields and McCoys.

Hark Hatfield and his wife Ollie McCoy.

Seven Things you Didn't Know About The Hatfields & McCoys.

Hatfield and McCoy feud--"Devil Anse," with brothers Ellison and Smith Hatfield

Randall McCoy

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The Hatfield Clan in 1897

Asa Harmon McCoy, brother of Randolph. Asa Harmon, who enlisted in the Union army, was killed by Confederate supporters in 1865. Although some McCoy supporters held "Devil Anse" responsible, most students of the feud believe that his friend Jim Vance actually pulled the trigger.

DevilAnse Hatfield. Of the Hatfields and McCoys

Extremely rare photo of Will Bill Hickok taken a year before his death by D.D. Dare in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Rare Photo of Jesse James and his brother Frank James 1863

Hatfield family

First known photo of Frank James, aged approximately 11 or 12. #Wild #West #History