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Soap Making Oils and what they are for

Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum wildflower found from British Columbia and Ontario south to Iowa and Illinois.

This is a guide about making soap without lye. Making soap at home can be a great way to save money. However, many recipes call for using lye in soap making. Lye is not a very safe chemical to have around.

Another Florida Native to get me some....Muhlenbergia capillaris hairgrass, muhly grass Poaceae (Gramineae)

cool soap making

Grevillea Purple Haze from

Making homemade lye (for making soap) from wood ashes.

One of our favourite native plants. Aussie grown, Aussie made! Yes, the banksia.

Making soap out of a yucca plant. #survival

The Missouri primrose is a native wildflower well adapted to home landscapes.

Making Soap Without Lye (Sort of)

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush, common in Texas in the spring. Colorful additions to the pasture!

Soap Making Method Without Lye

Scarlet Gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata) hardy biennial/perennial. Drought tolerant, grows in poor soil, attracts hummingbirds zone 4-11

How to make all natural soap without using lye

Protea 'Pink Duke' • Australian Native Plants Nursery • Plants • 800.701.6517

Making Soap Without Lye: How To Avoid The Dangers of Lye

Native Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe chlorocephala

How to Make Lye from Wood Ash