Dune Home, Atlantic Beach, Florida

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We've taken some time off in the last few days to explore the out-of-doors.  On Sunday we drove around the Lyngen peninsula to its northern...

This contemporary sod-roofed house occupies a pretty little hideout on the…

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Filip Dujardin is architectural photographer and artist. Dujardin began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to art in creating virtual.

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House pequeña petita These are becoming more and more popular in our area "Earth home". Want to make it your next house?

Nice And Elegant Mini House Design For Attractive Backyard Landscape

Backyard Playhouse in Bogota, Columbia. This small playhouse designed by Manuel Villa features a wood exterior echoing this distinctive silhouette with honeycomb panels, and a fully glazed facade that opens onto a teak deck.


Klima Hotel (Bella Vista): Designed by architect and designer Matteo Thun, located in Bozen, Italy. It is first certified eco-friendly hotel.

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Earth sheltered, or underground, houses lie mostly beneath the ground surface. The surrounding soil provides natural insulation, making these houses inexpensive to heat and cool.


Located in Portland, Oregon, the beautiful Wilkinson residence brings out all the feelings of living in a tree house. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this extraordinary house blends in perfectly with the natural landscape.

Keldur, Iceland. A window in a grassy meadow-hill. How much more awesome could a thing be??? The answer is none. None more awesome.

When I was little my dream was to live in a house that was hidden in a hill with grass growing on the roof.

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Hidden house (secretly: Operation Hobbit Hole) - a well-sheltered underground house with hobbit-style entrance. I would love to live in a hobbit-like house. It would be built completely into the hillside and underground. And so well hidden.

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Welcome to the green heart of the rain forest: Bukit Lawang Lodge is located in Sumatra, Indonesia, on a site adjacent to an orangutan sanctuary. A great wilderness experience. Indonesia Hotel design by Foster Lomas