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Carrianne Fairbairn Bah haha, this is so Luca. I left my soup on the island to go walk Champ, I come back in and he's slurping away! Ahh...gotta love cats!

Hey, it's the Phantom of the Opera meets Cats!

Lolcats cats and dogs are like oil and water at my house

Omg I laughed too hard at this...

And this is why I don't leave yarn out, haha. Not to mention they'd just eat it and that would be a bigger issue...

Cat; "Challenge me to a game of 'who can touch their tongue to their nose'?" ... "I think I have won."


Hahahahaha this is so funny. If you don't know what a Palindrome is, the word/number will be the same if it's written forwards or backwards (ex: 1221, Avid Diva) :) <----learn something new everyday ;o) NEED as a poster in my classroom!

Big reason why dogs are better than cats, dogs actually show they learn. Cats are just little rodent butt holes.

We bought a new bed for the dog. Came back to find this. ("I needz da space!")

And you thought YOU were having a bad day.