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I'm not sure if this is a pretty moth or a butterfly. There were about 4 or 5 of them fluttering around these beautiful Oklahoma wild flowers.

cowboys loved to have their pictures taken and usually wore their best duds. These pictures were meant to show off, so they usually included accessories like guns and hats.

Oklahomans are always out taking pictures of tornadoes ^^^^^^^^^^^^ One day, I will get a pic just like that one!'s just something about this picture I like...

Cowboys--I really like this --I can use with my chuckwagon pictures

Oklahoma wild squirrel. Well not to wild to pose for a picture.

This picture depicts a true cowboy, Charlie Nebo, along with Nicholas Janis. Charlie never tried to inflate his achievements and was happy to live like a true frontier man.

I saved a picture of this little boy from before Kash was born, because I pictured him looking like this -- pretty close!

What I would love to see someday. (From a distance like this picture)

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