D.I.Y. fort


Red Bohemian Tent for a queen

Curtain made from fabric ≈≈

Moroccan sunroom inspiration

reading spot... i need one

This, with a bright colored sheet and pillows in the corner of a kid's room. I know i would have loved this. Heck, I may do it in the geek room as a reading nook!

Textile Teepee

easily re-create this nook by suspending curtain rods from the ceiling.

Hippie...want this in the girl's room!!!

reading tent boho baby teepee kids room bohemian

House in Antwerp. AD Russia

tent made from tea towels and vintage hankies

Home decor ...having floral sheets as ceilings.<3 via | Hippies Hope Shop

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DETAILS: the net thingy over the bed creates this.. I dunno, grungy (yet somehow cozy) feeling..This is really a cute room



Bright upcycled furniture

I love my bedding! Wildfield Bedding #anthropologie