Awwwww that's sweet :) It kind of reminds me of "Sweet Home Alabama" haha "So I can kiss you anytime I want!" :P

I am ALWAYS..ALWAYS wanting to kiss you my sweet sweet love!!! <3


Oh Nena how I miss you... I don't want you to ever feel alone, lonely or worthless again. I want you to know that I would fight for you to the end of the earth. I'm sorry for fucking up way back when... But know that I know relationships aren't easy, and if God and your heart were to grant me a second chance, I promise you, you will NEVER regret it. I need you.... So much.... I miss you!

"Soulwoven" - #FreeBooks on @Wattpad: Litnig Jin has spent his life yearning for the power to weave the souls of the dead into magic. His brother Cole has spent his believing in nothing bigger than his own two hands. When a dragon sinks its claws into their nightmares, both of their lives will change forever. #Quotes

kiss kiss kiss

This is to the man in my life that happened to enter into my life when I was not looking, and now I don't remember what my world was before him!!

Very true.

before something great happens...

I'll take things a pontential rapist might say for four hundred Alex........................................Bits of Truth... all quotes

Change someone's life

One day you will kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

You are more likely to have a crush on someone you think you have no chance with.

Always Need to reminder this after taking care of kids and everyone else in my life! Don't forget your other half!

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the best kiss...

Just a kiss

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You are my destiny.. my sweetest fate... my love come true!!! I want you.. I need you.. and I love you more than life.... you are my soulmate and my life!! I miss you and I'm thinking about you!! Think about me my love!!!

The Best Way to Appreciate someone is to Imagine Your Life Without Them #quote #quotes #life

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