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  • Annette Doorten

    Tim Noble Sue Webster. To see read more visit my Art Blog

  • Mistah .

    Incredible piece of shadow art made from scrap metal HE/SHE, (Diptych) 2004 Tim Noble and Sue Webster Welded scrap metal, 2 light projectors

  • Carly Semmler

    26 Pictures Of Amazing Shadow Art #SHADOWART

  • Amy

    Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster | CGfrog

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These piles of garbage make shadow art. Some of them are... disturbing. Some are pretty freaking cool.

shadow sculpture

shadow art Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Amazing Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Shadow art - various pieces by Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Shigeo Fukuda, and Larry Kagan.

I like how the shadows of the clouds create a "drag" effect on each cloud. The different colours of the clouds also make this picture interesting (Blue to White to Red) I actually seen a beautiful sunset when I was riding a plane to Jakarta last year. There were mixtures of blue, red, yellow, and black, which blended in well. I think I do have a picture of it somewhere....

UNKNOWN [Please, if someone knows the author's name or the work's name I'll be very grateful for share it, thanks :-)] [Por favor, si alguien ve esta obra y conoce su nombre y/o autoría le agradeceré mucho que lo deje en comentarios, gracias :-)]

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More shadow art... it just amazes me, what people can do with a little imagination.

The “Umbrellas”, a work of art by Giorgos Zoggolopoulos, on the promenade of Thessaloniki, Greece, photo by Kisha Buenaventura