one of the best hahaha

Not sure what to make if this. I love the fact that it says high score though and the Back to the Future reference!

Beach Sign to prevent skin cancer ----- (I guess the last line, "This isn't Jersey Shore" is thanks to Snookie & the rest of the 'tanorexic' cast of the reality show 'Jersey Shore')

Best street name ever. This should be the official street sign for so-called affordable care act.

Good thing I read that, I didnt know


I laughed so hard at this



You don't say

Haha nice :)

I don't know why but I can't stop laughing haha

I like this!



Haha can't stop laughing

Nerdy but so cute.

When you see it.. I found this way too funny

and that's how we get tire swings... (it took me a moment, but then i totally LOL!)