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This is such a cute wedding/bridal shower gift. You can give them 5 bottles of wine each with a poem for firsts: champagne for first married night, red wine for first fight, white wine for first Christmas eve, Rose for first anniversary and sparkling apple juice cider for first baby! You can also add the glasses too!

CHRISTMAS Painted Burlap Banner - cute idea. (Spray paint?)

Great wedding shower gift! A basket filled with different wines for different milestones in the couple's married life. It consists of a bottle for their wedding night (champagne), first anniversary (blush wine), first dinner party (white wine), first fight (red wine), first Christmas Eve (white wine), and first baby (sparkling grape juice). Also includes 2 red wine glasses, 2 white wine glasses, and 2 champagne flutes. Each bottle has a tag and poem to describe what it is for.

Wedding Shower Wine Gift Basket: A different bottle of wine, each with a tag and poem for their: wedding night, first fight, first dinner party, first Christmas, first anniversary, and first baby. (Make it non-alcoholic for the first baby!)

I love this!! Milestone Wine Basket. Bridal Shower- Give a basket containing several bottles of wine, each with a specific poem that relates to a milestone during the first few years of marriage.. i.e. “Wedding Night”, “First Fight”, “First Anniversary”, “First Dinner Party”, “First Christmas Eve”, and “First Baby”. Definitely doing this for the bride!

Bridal shower wine basket (a wine for every first). I made this and brought it to a wedding shower recently. It turned out so cute! I did Mad House Wife for the first fight, Mommy's Time Out for the first baby, Little Black Dress for the first dinner party and Simply Naked for the wedding night!

Wedding shower gift.. Bottles of wine with tags for Wedding Night, First Dinner Party, First Christmas, First Fight, First Anniversary & First Baby. Tags have a poem to go with each event :)

Cute Bridal Shower or Wedding Gift- Wine basket with a wine for different occasions. This website has a poem for each occasion (first anniversary, first fight, first dinner party, etc.)

Fun wedding gift idea - bottle of wine for certain nights/occasions - (Ex. First Dinner Party, First Baby, First Christmas, First Fight...) Love it! -Made this for my bestie's bridal shower. I added a few extras to the wine o personalize it a bit. It was fun to make and turned out cute- even though 2 others had the same idea :)

If you need a change from trying to pick out your family's "perfect" photos, here's a great photobook idea for you! Just make sure the rest of your family shares your sense of humor first!

My college roommate and I made this "Ring Night" gift basket for an alumnae friend and her husband... Six bottles of wine, each tagged for a different milestone during the first year of marriage, plus handpainted His/Hers wineglasses! Our six milestones were Wedding Night, Honeymoon, First Fight, First Dinner Party, First Valentine's Day and First Anniversary.

Printable Poem Gift Tags for Bridal Shower Wine Basket. Give the bride a bottle of wine for 8 life events (plus, cute original poems!)