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  • Gabrielle Rose

    What good readers do!~ Re-Pinned by Total Education Solutions. Check out the rest of our School Resources and Therapy pins @

  • Kalah Jenkins

    great pics to add to my decoding strategy posters in classroom

  • Pamela Seehase

    daily 5 classroom ideas | FJ Auhxr's Virtual ESL Classroom: Reading Strategies by Dr. Kathleen ...

  • Maritza Espinal

    good readers... Used one of these in 1st grade and loved it! 54 5 Lacee Quarantillo School! Pin it Send Like Learn more at Addition strategy anchor chart - go to the blog, it has good anchor charts 71 7 Catherine Stevens Love to teach Pin it Send Like Learn more at In a lot of ways, the SAT/ACT is just like a game. There are rules to the game. And there are strategies to maximize what you know given the constraints of the game. Check out some of these tips! 149 19 Rebecca Barlow Homeschool: College Planning/SAT Prep Pin it Send Like Learn more at The 4th Grade May-niacs: Addition Strategies 99 6 Steve Vandagriff Teaching III Math Journal and Lesson Ideas Pin it Send Like Learn more at Reviewing numbers to 20! 87 11 The Kindergarten Smorgasboard KinderLand Collaborative Pin it Send Like Learn more at from Teachers Pay Teachers Partial Products: a mental math strategy unit for multiplication Partial Products is a mental math strategy for double digit multiplication. It can be used as a replacement for the commonly-used 26 2 Crissy Cade Neat School Ideas Pin it Send Like Learn more at from Teachers Pay Teachers Interactive Math Journal--ADDITION STRATEGIES Start your students off right with INTERACTIVE ADDITION STRATEGY JOURNALS! $ 35 2 Elle Hill Pin it Send Like Learn more at This is a blog post about number sense strategies for teaching 1.NBT.C.4. Check out how the students are able to decompose numbers using different base ten strategies! 35 2 Mrs.Russell's Room First Grade Common Core Resources Pin it Send Like Learn more at Multi-sensory sight word and spelling strategies: glue and food coloring. 42 4 Astute Hoot: Tools for the Wise Teacher A Teaching Tips Pin it Send Like Learn more at FREE Metacognition Real Reader vs. Fake Reader Reading Rubric for Comprehension.. English Language Arts, Reading, Reading Strategies PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Homeschool..Anchor Chart - Reading Rubric for Real Reading vs. Fake Reading. It focuses on Metacognition, thinking about your thinking, and what it really looks like to be a real reader. 5 Diane Pfile Teacher & Classroom Curriculum.. Pin it Send Like Learn more at Kid Friendly Strategy Posters and Bookmarks!!! ----Phenomenal First Grade Phonics and Reading 76 5 Christine Suda DiOrio First Grade and Teaching! Pin it Send Like Learn more at Ten Friends Poster Anchor Chart Addition Strategy for Making a Ten 133 4 Jeremie Llorente Tharp Apples, Crayons, and Caffeine Pin it Send Like Suddenly life makes sense. Rapunzel is a homeschooler! I knew I liked her for a reason xD 42 8 1 Elizabeth Marie #2 Funny and Amazing Mary Kate Homeschoolers!

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Reading Strategies --- I like the pictures. Would help ESL kids.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

printables to create a Readers Toolbox. print out and glue to manila folder for use during guided reading

What good readers do!~ Re-Pinned by Total Education Solutions. Check out the rest of our School Resources and Therapy pins @

Included are 24 reading comprehension skills and strategies posters. Each poster has the name of the strategy, prompts that you might ask students, a sample graphic organizer, and sample student responses with sentence frames (when applicable). Also available with black and white polka-dot background.

reading strategies by krista.gene.9- This would be a valuable resource for young readers. It would be great to have bookmarks made for all the students or make a large poster for the reading center in the room.

Good readers use multiple strategies

$6.50 1 Best Seller in my store! All too often we expect parents to read with their kids at home but forget that they don't know the strategies we do at school. Kids go home and "read" without practicing what we teach them to do everyday in class. These "Reading Strategy Homework Letters" are monthly letters you can send home that SPOTLIGHT a new strategy each month. 7 Monthly Reading Strategy Homework Letters

Owl Print Art for Kids Wall Decor "Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader" Classroom Wall Decor Owl Print, Digital Illustration Library Print.

This download makes a great poster for the classroom. it's a visual reminder for students

FREE: 3-2-1 Reading Strategy--Great to use for when you are using a science or history video.

The parts of a reader: eyes for seeing important clues in the pictures and words; a curious mind to think about the ideas in books; ears for hearing what others think; a heart for connecting with stories; a mouth for reading with expression like a storyteller; hands for taking care of books and treating them gently. Books, books, books, lots and lots of books!