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  • Helene Johnson

    Apple ring #gadgets #technology #yesplease #iphone #ipad #apple

  • Christina

    mp3 player

  • David Jacques

    iRing concept ring that controls iPod and iPhone media devices.... One ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring bring them all and in the darkness bind them! Apple is being run by Sauron!

  • Rosie Bear

    ♥✤♥ One #iRing to Control All Your #Apple Media #Devices ♥✤♥ This iRing design concept by Victor Soto used to control any Apple media device including #iPod and #iPhone. The ring has a small OLED display inside the small Apple logo that indicates it’s current status of play or pause, which can then be toggled by touch. It can be used play, pause, move tracks back-forward and control volume of an iPod or iPhone wirelessly #Tips #Gadget #OMG #weird #bizarre #Goodies #Odd #Tech

  • Jennifer Miller

    iRing concept ring that controls iPod and iPhone media devices - new wedding rings?

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I M U S T have this!! One iRing to control all your Apple media devices. Now that's cool!

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Nation. 1976-Steve Jobs and Steve Wosinak founded Apple. This not only paved a new pathway for the personal computer in the 1970's but also for modern times.