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Funny Encouragement Ecard: Beer in the morning you say. If you think about it beer is made of wheat is like having liquid cereal.

I used to love outdoor winter activities until I could no longer handle the cold.


MICHELLE!!!! We need this! Lol

So true!

Best. selfie. ever.

When we're old and our husbands have died, will you promise to live with me so we can drink daily & keep each other comany?

Here's a list of all the military wives who feel sorry that you haven't seen your boyfriend in the past 24 hours.

I always offer two choices for dinner.


great idea!

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Oh I love her.

Can't. stop. laughing.

TRUE story!!!

Sure ill go on a run with you. But only if its to the liquor store. And if we drive there



So very true!!!

Nope... hahaha

The funny thing is, I would have done it the night before and gave myself a heart attack the next morning...

10. Items reappear out of place mere seconds after you’ve put them away. 9. In the dark, you sense an unwelcome presence in your room. 8. You frequently resist the urge to run screaming from your own home. 7. You’re never really alone. 6. You can’t escape the voices calling your name. 5. You could have sworn you just turned that light off...

Still laughing.