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  • Peter K

    We Could Be Heroes, by André Baumecker "The shadows are real, no edits. How did I do that? Jump and shoot - right timing, good light and some friends!" Thanks to Digital Art for sharing

  • Eva Miranda

    45 Beautiful Examples of Shadow Photography - Smashcave

  • Melissa Mattingly

    funny flying illusion photograph

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Paler than Edward Cullen and better hair. Plus he'll topiary the fuck out of your yard.

Comic by Toothpaste For Dinner: feeling down

Srsly..I know a few people like this...I swear they have no ears!

Wow: for me this totally encapsulates the beauty of a summer holiday ... I love that all I can hear when I look at this shot is the muffled sound of being under water ...

Great way to use bleachers... symmetry. I could think of some other ideas similar to this...

fire holds me, hypnotizes me. I could watch it for hours - it is both life and death.

settings for getting this photo, with the snowflakes in focus: exposure 1/8000 sec, Aperature f/1.8, focal length 85 mm, ISO Speed 400, then have something dark (the trees) in the background so the snowflakes will stand out, and manually focus on the snowflakes

Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine] Beautiful!

"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay." --Dalai Lama

"Men Riding in Trucks" by Alejandro Cartagena. This is a series of photographs from a Mexican overpass of men riding in the back of trucks.

give yourself wings anyone way you can! your dreams can come true, all you have to do is believe, and spread your wings!

Forced Perspective... Always fun to mess with :)