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Defining Characteristics: -Any color -Large wings -Feathery -Powerful limbs -Sharp eyes -Long tail -Pointed face Dragon

GARGOYLES NY photo by mysunsin on Flickr (Actually, if it's not used as a waterspout, it's not a "gargoyle" but a "grotesque".)

"Temptation" by Heather Theurer | Author's note: "Another representational painting, 'Temptation' is the depiction of how temptation (the dragon) surrounds us, craftily attempting to find weakness. The woman in the painting, however, is aware and prepared with the sword of truth, shield of faith, a crown of virtue and the grace of God (wings). The red sash represents her willingness to sacrifice the appetites of this world to overcome and she stands upon the rock of Christ." | Fantasy art

"It'll cost you nothing to dream, and everything, not to." flight of fancy by *Hagge

Gold dragon--love this picture so much! :) I prefer dragons with more horse like necks like this one. The snake like necks just look awkward.

"None can lie in the presence of a dragon. Their fire breath cleanses your mouth, their shimmering, blinding scales refresh your eyes, their wings blow away all the lingering darkness in your mind. So, my dear one, when you meet one, be sure that you have nothing to hide. They will make the worst of you known."

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Castles from another time. . .another place. . .another world .:. .:. Image Credit: firstfairytale.tu...

Blue Dragons are usually associated water and all it's phases, steam and ice. They help with Water rites and help protect the water creatures. These magnificent beings can be used to help bless the waters, especially in today's society where pollution is a major concern.

Emerald Dragons, the highest cast of green dragon, act as the stewards of the Valhencian forests. Unfortunately, the Dolrian war effort has left them hard pressed in their defense.

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