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Ivory soap - You may recall that Ivory soap floats in water. The reason for that is that unlike other soap, it has a a bunch of air whipped into it. This is important because when you microwave it, all those tiny air bubbles expand and make your soap look like this

blowing up Ivory soap in the microwave...this has my kids names written all over it!

Science behind Ivory Soap in the Microwave { this almost makes me wish we had a microwave}

Glowing Clean Mud - Recipe for play - Ivory soap explosion with a cool twist!

Soap Clouds – your kids are going to love this!

24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy Too! I want to try all of them

I loved doing this experiment with my fifth graders - cool that they would come in and check on the progress every day at my desk!

Elephant toothpaste (really fun foaming science experiment using hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and yeast!)