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I'm actually thankful when it's time to clean and we see this...

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DIY Air Purifier

This idea is brilliant! Forget air purifiers that cost hundreds of dollars...this DIY Air Purifier can be made in 20 seconds for about 20 dollars.

from Inhabitat

DIY: Make Your Own HEPA Air Filtration System for Just $30!

DIY Air Purifier for about $30 Bucks! I was skeptical, but after watching the video from University of Michigan Health System’s Sinus Center, I was convinced! I went out and bought 2 filters. They were not the Merv 13 but they were close 80 ~ 85% with Microban. I have had them running for about an hour and my sinuses feel soo much better!

from Kids Safety Network

Best Air-Filtering Plants, According to NASA -

indoor plants which are most effective at filtering these harmful toxins and pollutants from the air

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Positive Respiration Accessories : Whiff Air Pollution Mask

from Leibal


‘Pūrificātum’ is a personal air purifier that you can place in front of you as you sit at your desk, while you recline in your favourite chair or when you go to sleep. Fabian Zeijler has created a desktop version and a tall, standing version. Improving the user’s comfort and health, the filtered air helps increase productivity.