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Elias loves that the AirInstinct looks sort of like a giant iPhone.

Sparkle the Cat loves the beautiful design of the AirInstinct and enjoys watching the light change color.

The most helpful thing I can tell you... we've been using this for four months and we know it works. We've cleaned the filter. It does it's job!

The Oreck AirInstinct 200 is an air purifier that you can just “turn on and walk away.”

Let me introduce you to this beauty. Meet our brand new AirInstinct 200 Air Purifier.

The AirInstinct will clean a complete room the size of a master bedroom every 13 minutes. Amazing.

The AirInstinct is ENERGY STAR qualified, purifying the air in rooms up to 248 square feet.

The AirInstinct, while set on automode does the thinking for you. There is no need to play around with the speeds or try to guess when you should or shouldn't use it.

We really love the fresh air the AirInstinct gives our home. It brings a fresh smell, that has been compared to being way up high in the mountains with nature.

When the air gets really dirty, the AirInstinct "knows" to move to a higher cleaning setting. It lets you know it's working with the changing light sensor.

The funniest thing I noticed about the Oreck AirInstinct 200 Air Purifier automatic mode is that it went on FULL BLAST every time my dog walked by the device.

Oreck AirInstinct Air Purifier - Oreck

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