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  • Valerie Costello

    public school sheepies

  • Dana Claudat

    visualization: my grown-up version of sheep counting to sleep better and live more creatively!

  • Dorien Grey

    "The Herd." What is there in human nature that lets us stand by while someone is assaulted, yet run into a burning building to save others? For the full blog, click

  • Connie Smoot

    New Zealand Sheep Cartoons - Bing Images

  • Kelly Sullivan

    view from our front porch :) (not actual photo... but close!)

  • Really Great Stuff Online!

    Of all the animals, sheep are believed to possess the most powerful memories with some research showing them to be better than humans in certain situations. For example, they have the ability to identify when a fellow sheep is lost in their flock. Moreover, they exhibit a wide range of emotions and response to various things going on around them which also shows a high level of intelligence.

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