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      Preeti Jhangiani The veteran Bollywood actress was caught with her panties at the promotions of her movie Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande in Delhi. She was dressed in a short black dress and was seating on a chair crossed legged when she showed off her bit to the cameras. A bit like Sharon Stone, but unintentional. Some advice to all the panty-less ladies out there: don’t cross your legs while sitting at a public event. And if you do, don’t blame the photographers for catching it on camera.

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    Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson-----The couple filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage and seven kids. She may be entitled to half of his estimated $900 million fortune.

    Madonna and Guy Ritchie----------Madonna's rep told the Associated Press she would pay her ex between $76 million and $92 million, which included their country home, Ashcombe, as well as the couple's London pub, the Punchbowl. Madonna later denied the monetary amount.

    Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison---Six years after saying "I Do" in 1983, Ford was bringing in $20 million per picture, and when the couple split in 2004, Mathison negotiated a portion of her ex's future earnings from films released during their marriage, including income from The Fugitive and the Indiana Jones film franchise.

    Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas----Now married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Douglas wed a then-19-year-old Diandra in 1977 after just six weeks of dating. As the actor's career took off as a result of roles in Wall Street and Basic Instinct, rumors of infidelity surfaced, resulting in the couple's 1998 split. A court awarded Diandra an estimated $45 million, in addition to homes in Beverly Hills and Majorca, Spain.

    Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving---The famed director met actress Irving when she auditioned for a role in his 1977 project, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and walked down the aisle eight years later, on the heels of Spielberg's mega-hits E.T. and Indiana Jones. Calling it quits after four years of marriage, Irving contested the validity of their prenuptial agreement (reportedly scrawled on a cocktail napkin) and was awarded $100 million.

    Donald Trump and Ivana Trump---"Don't get mad, get everything," Ivana joked during her 1992 split from The Donald, who was having an affair with then-beauty queen Marla Maples.

    Ted Danson and Casey Coats------Danson left his actress wife after 16 years of marriage and two kids for Whoopi Goldberg in 1992. He also paid her a reported $30 million.

    Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva----They met at California State University, wed in 1978 and were divorced 16 years later. A judge awarded Cindy $80 million.

    Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey---Diamond paid Marcia a reported $150 million when they split in 1994 after 25 years of marriage. The singer called his ex "worth every penny."

    Kenny Rogers and Marianne Rogers----The couple split in 1993 after 16 years of marriage. Kenny paid his ex an estimated $60 million.

    The Titanic director and Terminator actress wed in 1997 and had a daughter before splitting just 18 months after saying "I Do." Hamilton received an estimated $50 million in their divorce settlement - roughly half of what Cameron earned for helming the $1.8 billion grossing Paramount film.

    Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey----The couple wed in 1999 and divorced in 2008. He settled their divorce for $46 million.

    Model Hall filed for divorce from her Rolling Stones rocker hubby in 1999 after 22 years of marriage -- after it became known Jagger fathered a child with another woman. Jagger retaliated in court by challenging the legality of their Bali wedding, but in the end, Hall walked away with between $15-25 million of the rocker's estimated $325 million net worth.

    Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan--In one of the most costly Hollywood divorce settlements to date, Chicago Bulls player Jordan forked over an estimated $168 million to his ex, after filing for divorce in 2006 after 17 years together. In addition to the large payout, Juanita - who is entitled to half of her husband's fortune, per their prenup - got their seven-acre estate as well as custody of their three children.

    Frieda Pinto might be a style icon, however, it seems that she still finds it difficult to sit cross- legged wearing a micro-mini skirt!

    Mehr Jessia Rampal apparently showed off more than what she intended to during an award ceremony

    But things did not get out of hand, as the actress managed to ward off a half-monty, even as her outfit, which was tight at the shoulder during the start began to steadily fail her.

    Bollywood glamdoll Katrina Kaif recently had a near wardrobe malfunction when the actress' red top kept slipping at a music award function. The incident in question happened on stage when Katrina was grooving with a bunch of girls.

    Katy Perry apparently shows off more that what she intended to in her latest music video.

    B-town's controversy queen Rakhi Sawant shows off her undies (inset) on the sets of TV show 'Comedy Circus'.

    Pop sensation Katy Perry pops out in her latest video, 'Last Friday Night'.

    Pop star Katy Perry caught by paparazzi in an upskirt oops moment!

    Actress Ameesha Patel flashes her undies in a tiny black dress.

    Mallika Sherawat looks extremely comfortable at the promotional event of her forthcoming flick 'Hisss' in Mumbai

    Mallika looks completely unaware of how much she's revealing in this picture, during the promotion of 'Hisss' in Mumbai.