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DIY Bucket & Faucet Fountain

by Katherine Kally
Bucket and faucet fountains can be decorative additions to your landscape. The faucet can be attached to exposed plumbing beside the bucket or it can appear to be suspended above the bucket. Either way, this DIY project requires minimum building skills. Select the bucket based on your existing outdo...

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Simple Fountains for Simple Pleasures Simple fountains can still add the soothing feature of running water, while not overtaking the landscape. Here, a sturdy, rustic bucket provides a perfect basin for the streams of water that flow into it. Surrounding greenery softens the lines and ensures the fountain fits in beautifully with the landscape.

This water feature is the very essence of found object art, made as from a table leg, a rusty bucket and iron remnants, probably from an old buggy. The mechanics of these fountains are quite simple. The water is recirculated so no hose or faucet hookup is needed; however, an electrical connection is required for the pump's motor. Maintenance-wise, it's important to keep the fountain filled.

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Large Bucket with Faucet Fountain

Old Pump Fountain-Single Buckey

DIY Yard Fountain using whiskey barrel, old teapot, flat plate, and some tubing

Tea Pot water fountain! Must figure out a way to put this in my garden. I adore the sound of running water in a garden and this is so simple and fantastic!

Water feature - I would love to have this ... maybe without water and with trailing plants. Gotta think about this.

How to Build a Concrete Fountain: Carving stone requires years of training, extraordinary skill and endless patience—or you can cheat and use power tools. -Overview -Selecting a stone -Getting started -Cut, chisel and grind the bowl -Cut the channel -Set the fountain stone

DIY Water Fountain Ideas & Tutorials! I'm determined to have a water fountain this year!