Wind string around a balloon, cover it with fabric stiffener, let it dry and then pop the balloon.

DIY: String Lanterns made from balloons - use any color string, or paint - you can even use a shimmer or glitter paint! Easy way to decorate a large area inexpensively.

Pretty DIY hanging decor... variety of textures is a great idea! Doilies, Strings, and coffee filters. Wrap them over a balloon, cover with fabric stiffener, and when ready, pop the balloon.

Once the rosé is gone, don't be quick to rid of those wine bottles until you've seen this DIY wedding idea. Start by soaking some empty wine bottles until the labels come off. After they're clean and dry, spray paint each bottle with at least two coats of metallic paint in metallic shades like rose gold. You can also coat one in glitter to create a cluster of unique wedding centerpieces.

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