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Explore Lego Sushi, Sushi 15, and more!

This gallery covers two of our favorite things at once, Lego AND sushi. Could it get any better right now? Only if the Lego was edible and tasted good, otherwise no.


Propane Bottle Lego Head


DIY Lego Star Wars Costume (only take up to 4 hours and $20 for both Lego Luke Skywalker and Lego Darth Vader put together)!!!!

Make a Lego marble maze. This is a very spatial, tactile, logical task... requires clever thinking and some trial and error... great problem-solving activity.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream - The cheesecake flavor pairs incredibly well with the tartness of the berries and sort of "mellows" them out. It's a brilliant combination!