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  • Joni Case

    old school caboodle

  • Yoly Brenes

    Caboodle! OMG! So remember this! Wow

  • Ashley Youngdale

    Caboodle! omg this so looks like my makeup box when i was a little girl! lol awww memories, i understand now that that bright green cream eye shadow is not the most beautiful thing ever to smear all over your eye socket! oh how we grow up!

  • Jennifer Kim

    Caboodle! I remember sorting out Barbies accessories in this when I was a kid!!! Childhood memories. Lol

  • Natalie Breton

    Caboodles!! Who had one?? Who still has one!?!? Blast from the past!

  • Eron Phillips

    I don't know where I've kept my makeup and accessories since the 80s

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caboodles...I was telling Katie the other day she needs one of these!

Caboodles! I remember them... but I had the knockoff of Caboodles (what were those called? it was also a little kit that came in bright colors...)

The revamped 80's tackle box. I loved them. I remember buying my first one. I was so proud of it. I used it through the early nineties in my college years. The girls coveted it. I miss my Caboodle.

Loved my Caboodle! Mine was lavender and it's up in my attic right now.

Caboodle:) my latch broke immediately...still cool

If you were a girl in the 80's you know you had this...

caboodles, you weren't cool if you went to a slumber party without one

I feel sad for you if you never knew the happiness of owning a multicolored Caboodle...

a MUST for every girl! I think this started my OCD!

Caboodles....every girl had one to store their scrunchies, jelly bracelets, and makeup!

caboodles...still have mine, now it holds my nails stuff

Oh how I loved my Caboodles! I had this exact one..