• Katie Metzger

    nerd girl problems #Eragon #CityofEmber #PercyJackson

  • Eve Snyder

    Pretty much every book to movie translation! Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and soon Mortal Instruments and Divergent!

  • Danielle Moody

    nerd girl problem so true. there are so many books i would like to see as a movie but i know they'll just get slaughtered :/

  • Jessie XD

    PERCY JACKSON! the movie was hardly related to the book, Annebeth is supposed to be blond the only character they got fiken right was Percy and OH MY GLuB they absolutely killed city of bones, they gave away the main secret of the series (don't watch it before YOU have read the whole series) and Jace does NOT look like that ( or act like that)... in my opinion... * Finishes fangirl rant*

  • Christina Whalen

    So true! Like Percy Jackson and some Harry Potters. The books are 1000000 times better than the movies.

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