How to write a successfull epic Story... Star Wars,

I love them both but...... J.R.R. Tolkien > J.K. Rowling. *Tolkien created multiple languages not just one.* There really is no comparison of the two authors. If you don't agree that's each their own.

Visual effects are pretty important...

Preach it Stephen King

Harry Potter / Lord of The Rings mash. I have not seen Harry Potter nor am I interested in it but I thought this was pretty funny! #harrypotter

Too true!

That time when...

Lord Of The Rings Mug!! This is the perfect mug it's totally me =)

I believe in heroes, but the villain really makes the story. Even the ones that do it for the lolz.

Pinning again because THIS IS IMPORTANT.


Generations' different views towards bow and arrows. Pretty accurate...

I fucking hate that guy.

Haha! Very true!



Hahah yes.