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Share your google calendar with your spouse, so you're both in sync with information about appointments, kids events, party dates, etc. After your phone calendar is done syncing, both you and your spouse can see all your appointments and events!

This is big-screen projection TV without the screen or the TV. Off of your phone.

Customize Android's Home button shortcut: I found this very helpful on my Galaxy S4 to change the home button when double pressed to open "Google Now" instead of "S Voice", which I do not prefer. You can launch any app of your choice with the home key double tap.

How to Stream Your Media from Home to Your Phone or Tablet... Anywhere You Go with Plex.

Les Paul's 96th Birthday - Google Doodle...

30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN - google doodle...

Find the old interactive "google doodles"....

New $74 Android mini computer is slightly larger than a thumb drive.

i-tech Virtual bluetooth-wireless-laser-keyboard.

Cool Feet Laptop Airspace Stands. $9.99

Phone and Tablet...two devices in one. What a great idea!!!

Important feature for NEW IPAD OWNERS with children: Turn off the In-App purchases! Otherwise your kids might have a smurfing good time, buying smurf berries and whatever else they can get with your Apple ID account.

The ipad Youtube app forces videos to play at the highest quality setting, which causes a whole lot of buffering. Solve the problem by turning the app to "off". Now, use safari to view the videos on Youtube instead.....make sure you are using Youtube MOBILE, not desktop. Uncheck the "HQ" while watching.....high quality means better resolution, which also means more buffering on an ipad.

Hackintosh Instructions.

I have heard this website pronounce many ways. What are your thoughts????

Is this where to meet for "fight club"?

what to name your home wifi security system.....will make the neighbors wonder

Kid's tripping on your laptop cord eventually does damage to the AC plug. This is a tutorial (based off of the "jerkstopper") to save your laptop's AC plug. I made one similar, and it works fantastic!

A tutorial to add the "Pin It" bookmark on your ipad!

Life-Size Monopoly House