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Describing Zac Efron (could apply to others... going to have this image in my mind alllll day!)

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing #4 - These parents who are planning for the future.

Funny Apology Ecard: People should be glad I don't always comment my thoughts on their Facebook posts.

15 People Who Really Have This Life Thing Figured Out - Totally worth the time to check out. Hilarious

And this is why I love Harrison Ford. (I totally read this in his voice too. Well, in my head.)

Funny Confession Ecard: You should stop worrying about your weight and start worrying about your boring personality.

I've never come across this in life, but that's probably how I would feel about it.

For all you guys wearing skinny jeans..... I think you took the phrase getting into her pants the wrong way.

I actually said to a guy I was dating once, in response to, "Why you always gotta act like a man?" "Stop acting like a bitch and won't have to be the man."

Because Hufflepuff were always the kind ones----this post is perfect in every way!!

Hahaha! "I have been in forest less shady than you."