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Melt in Your Mouth Lemon Bars- STOP!!! don't pass this recipe by, lemon lover or not these bars are SO melt in your mouth you'll want to eat the whole pan. Everyone loves them!  Blue ribbon winner.

Melt in Your Mouth Lemon Bars- STOP! don't pass this recipe by, lemon lover or not these bars are SO LEMON BARS -melt in your mouth you'll want to eat the whole pan. Everyone loves them!

Lemon Buttermilk Sheet cake, this is one of my all time favorites, simple, refreshing cake for summer

Lemon Buttermilk Sheet cake, an all time favorite, simple, refreshing cake for summer.

Cinnamon Roll Cake- Literally Melts In Your Mouth! Maybe Good For Christmas Breakfast:).

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Cinnamon Roll Cake- Literally melts in your mouth! I made this as a dessert. It is very sweet, so you can't eat much at a time. (It is better hot than after it has cooled.) Definitely would be a good Christmas morning treat for a large crowd, too.

Jenn's Random Scraps: Recipe Share: Starbucks Lemon Loaf

MY FAVE: Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound cake copycat recipe. (pinning because I love Starbucks lemon pound cake more than any kind of chocolate & if this tastes like it, I am all over that and will run extra!

Sunburst Lemon Bars  "the crust is like a sugar cookie"

Sunburst Lemon Bars

Sunburst Lemon Bars recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Sunburst Lemon Bars recipe include Crust- 2 cups flour, cup powdered sugar, 1 cup butter, softened, and 1 tsp grated lemon peel. Create your own online recipe box.

Lick The Bowl Good: Blueberry Lemon Bars

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

Lemon Sponge  Pie - When I found this recipe for Lemon Sponge Pie in my Grandmothers recipe box, I was intrigued. This super-easy pie bakes into a light (almost angel-food-like) cake on top of a creamy custardy crust-full-of-yummy-ness!

A cake pie? As in the best of cake and pie all in one plus lemon? Dana's Lemon Cake Pie - Everyone commented on how it was just the right amount of sweetness and better than lemon meringue pie. You wont regret it!

Paula Deen's gorilla bread...cinnamon, sugar, cream cheese, biscuit. This is such an easy recipe and absolutely delicious!

Gorilla Bread

Paula Deen's Gorilla Bread (Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Biscuit Bread) Oh my.this will replace the monkey bread this year on Christmas morning!

Lemon Pull-Apart made with Rhodes dinner rolls . . . oh boy!!!

Lemon Pull-Aparts recipe

lemon pull aparts made from frozen dinner rolls (breakfast? or dessert?

Apple Dump cake- my aunts specialty, ive loved it since I was a kid! will make it for Andrew this weekend

Apple Dump Cake 2 cans apple pie filling 2 Tbsp. cinnamon 1 box yellow cake mix 2 sticks butter 1 cup pecans, chopped whipped cream or ice cream Dump two cans of apple pie filling into a 9