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Just saw Great Expectations and Now is Good with Jeremy Irvine: wow :)

Jeremy Irvine-- I just watched Now Is Good and I'm in love with his character!

Tobias/Four....this was the original choice during casting, he turned it down...I like him!

I'll be your Wendy, if you'll be my PeterPan, you take my hand and we'll fly off to NeverLand... Marry Me Jeremy Sumpter?

Stage actor Jeremy Irvine was plucked from relative obscurity to star in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation (out next month) of the West End and Broadway hit War Horse as a young man on a quest to bring home his beloved horse from the front lines. “I love acting,” he says. “I don’t know many industries where you can go straight from the bottom to choosing the work you want to do.”

jeremy renner (jumping on the renner band wagon, hes a cutie)

Waarom worden sommige mannen alleen maar mooier als ze ouder worden...? Patrick Dempsey voldoet in ieder geval aardig...

Eddie Redmayne and I are getting married. You are all invited to the wedding. Now I just have to get him to agree... :)

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (Watson and Holmes) This is such a cute picture haha