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Even if I were into Pokémon - whatever that is - my dogs wouldn't let me. They are already addicted to "Squirrel-GO!" That wins every time.

I miss them all .. some moments I forget and when they don't greet me at the door -- it tears my heart out all over again. Dogs

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You Can Help 2 Stop Dogfighting

Milo did nothing. It was his owner who is the real monster

I am very sensitive about animal abuse because my dog used to be abused before we adopted him. It's not cool! Repost if you agree!

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45 Happiest and Cute Animals Pictures In The World


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11 Photos of Baby Skunks That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Lil' Stinkers

One day I will have a pet skunk. And she will be glorious. Actually, I think I will name her Gloria.

Chilling in her favorite spot on the sofa...debating on buying a new sofa, hate mine but don't care what she does to it.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen #DogLover #AdoptRatherThanBuy