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How to Make a Chocolate iPhone

How-To make chocolate iphone ~ apps are made from Airheads --cool! i think this would make an awesome bday gift prank!

I Want this for my birthday or just for a Random day

Another poster wrote: Not so Awesome RAINBOW Batman Cake.why would you want a rainbow batman cake.gag me!

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I saw this on someone's FB page. They named it Ninja cake. I agree. It also makes me feel like I could eat healthy. Because of the asparagus. Made of frosting. Veggies made of frosting FTW.

Impressive Van Gogh Cake Design

Funny pictures about Vincent Van Gogh Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Vincent Van Gogh Cake. Also, Vincent Van Gogh Cake photos.

Candy Land Cake

Candy Land Cake

Time to eat?? Not sure but ....

Oh my gosh I would get my mom that snake one just to see her freak out then I'd come running with a knife and tell her I was gonna kill >>> Not sure if posting for the snake cake or this comment.

This is my new favorite way to decorate cakes, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!  First off, I just want to let you all know how much this ca...

Sunshine and a Summer Breeze: Avengers Birthday Cake. Sandwich a coloring page pic/glass/wax paper and trace with icing, let harden in fridge and transfer to cake. I love making our kids' cakes myself and this is a must try technique!