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  • Heather Cunnup

    Quotes About Having a Baby | This kid isn't even out yet, and he needs a haircut.

  • Lisa Marie Kuhn

    This is false, FYI: BUT... a mother's love is shown through the pain she endures in birthing... all babies are special gifts.

  • Elianastar

    Pain a child's body is subjected to during the birth process. Amazing. Obviously, a human baby's body is designed for this process! This refers to pain *the baby's body* goes through, not the mother. If read carefully, it ends with the comment, "Can you imagine the *mother's* pain & love?" Obviously, the baby's body is designed to be sufficiently flexible and giving to endure the process of birth. "Del" is likely a typo for "dol"

  • Holly Miller

    omg that sounds awful..I don't know about this baby stuff

  • Kris Ford

    I did this 5 times, no meds with 4- gave me a shot of something with one & made me sick so I told them take it out of the saline drip or I'd rip it out- made baby sick too, no epidurals. Long labors- all 5 were face up and turned in the birth canal. If I had to do it again- you betcha I'd do it the same way. They are the 5 most amazing wonderful people I know. And if I had to go thru this kind of pain again to save their lives now I would in a heartbeat.

  • Kathy Myers

    pain but worth it! It's amazing how you forget as soon as baby is there. God is good.

  • Shannon Burkhardt-Prisco

    I never could quite put into words how it feels to labor and give birth. This gives alittle insite to it. And yet I did it again. Love my kids so it is all worth it.

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I have seen this photo a hundred times & it still chokes me up every time. THIS, the ability to work hard & overcome it then know you earned it, is what natural birth is about for me :)

Caitlin was 4 and a half when I found out I was expecting a boy - My first thought was "how will I ever take care of a boy" - he was born just after Christmas and of course loving and caring for him came as naturally as it did when his sister was born - Later I adopted my two cousins and now I have three boys - They've filled my life with love and joy - my cup runneth over - Thank you Lord.

Birth, nothing brings a woman more joy than the day she holds her newborn baby for the very first time. Regardless of how many I've had, I still feel this overwhelming sense of pride, joy, and love that no words can describe!!!

Since I have to have c-sections this picture is impossible :( but maybe I can get something like this next time around

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn. Good sign to have hanging around when you've got little kiddos. Bad attitude => bad day => bad month/ years ...

think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often, be happy