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How to make knitted slippers

Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes | The fastest way to knit a chunky style blanket.

"Excellent site with dozens of #knitting stitches, their symbols and diagrams and text to explain how to do them. This is a great aid in chart reading! Please click on the Found On source rather than the picture to get to this informative page." #KnittingGuru **

Giant knitting

Chunky knit blanket made with Loopy Mango Big Loop merino chunky yarn. Available on as a blanket or knitting kit.

Making Super Chunky Yarn from Knit Chenille Fabric | Craft me Happy!: Making Super Chunky Yarn

the zig zag rib.

Knitting Hedgehog


Knit yourself this fabulously easy chunky knit blanket. A size 10 knitting needle and chunky weight yarn is needed to create this great blanket. It'll keep you nice and warm as the chunky yarn is a bit heavier.

Amazing Arm Knitting Tutorial. I can so do this and I have never had an interest in knitting!!


easy chunky knit blanket

Never Not Knitting: Beginner Socks This looks like a great gift for a scout...

want to learn or teach someone else? some basics on how to knit

beautiful stitch Feel free to follow and join our new community board : Knitting stitches and tutorials for all.

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. This will be the winter knitting project... Now to acquire the perfect yarn. Anyone have any good, affordable sources?