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    Crossfit warmup - spider walk

    great core move.

    WARM UP HAND WALK: Do this routine twice pre-WOD to prime muscles. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping legs straight, bend forward, place hands on floor and walk hands into push-up position. Inch feet toward hands (as shown) to return to standing. Do 5 reps. STRETCHES SHOULDERS, ABS, HAMSTRINGS, CALVES

    Tight hip flexers can cause the lower belly pooch. These are stretches to help loosen up your hips

    Hit the Hay: Standing Pigeon Bed Stretches: Standing Pigeon For Tight Hips. loosening the hips corrects posture problems too.

    The Do-Anywhere CrossFit-Inspired Workout. Honestly, these are the best work-outs to do if you're trying to build muscle. Trust me, I know.

    Inspiring fitness blogger who is now an at-home crossfitter who will show you how to do crossfit at home! She's literally AMAZING!

    PROBLEM: Saddlebags SOLUTION: Side Kick and Horse Stance If you carry your excess body fat in your hips and thighs, you're not alone! Saddlebags are a common complaint among women everywhere. This move helps strengthen your hips and thigh muscles, improves your balance and coordination, and keeps your heart rate up so you'll burn more calories and slim down faster.

    The Big Ten: 10 Nutrition Rules to Achieve an Athletic Build

    The Traveling WOD

    Learn how to do a pullup! Or learn how to break past your current plateau! #fitness #pullup


    CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Do

    Basic Stretches For Tight Hips

    The secret to exercising every day without overtraining? Rest day tune-ups! This fitness routine features stretches to work out tight muscles or knots and strengthening exercises to rev up your stabilizer muscles.This move, the Prone Hip Internal Rotation, helps loosen your deep hip muscles.

    Crossfit Workout that includes running. I hate running but at a half mile at a time I think I could handle that. ;)

    9 Stretches for CrossFit you should know

    Fitness & Health: No Equipment CrossFit Workout I'd replace the run with jumping jacks or the elliptical if I had time for it.

    The Do-Anywhere CrossFit Workout | Women's Health Magazine