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Next best thing to having a baby panda, a pillow with a picture of a baby panda? by AREAWARE

from 2Modern Furniture & Lighting

Pig Pico Set of 2

Pig Pico pillow from Areaware.

Pandas love #animals #wildlife #loving #pandas #adorable #cute

The panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, lit. "black and white cat-foot"),also known as the giant panda to distinguish it from the unrelated red panda, is a bear native to south central China. It has an insatiable appetite for bamboo and eats for a full 12 or 24 hours. The panda has the digestive system of a carnivore, it derives little energy from its diet of bamboo. The giant panda is an endangered species. lt.

Need to learn: Anna panda full tute and pattern. so freakin stinkin cute i wanna cry.

Adopter en bambipute i 100% økologisk bomull med naturlig bomull fyll. hardstappet Silketrykk gir det en vintage følelse. mål: 30 cm* 12 cm materiale: 100% organisk bomull design: areaware