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DESERT MOUNTAINS Deep canyons yawn in the Huns Mountains in the south of Namibia. Their layers were formed more than 600 million years ago, and today they are as flat as when they were deposited. The remains of prehistoric animals and plants dye the rock dark grey and brown. The hard limestone shelves erode more slowly than the softer intervening marlstone strata, causing the sides of the valleys to break into terraces.

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Located on the shores of Lake Huron, near Michigan, many people even dont know about this place existing on earth. This amazing rock is one of the most beautiful places in nature you will ever see. One of the little-known wonders of Huron County, this place is really a paradise. Turnip Rock is one huge amazing shaped rock which got that mushroom shape because of tidal erosion. The only way to reach to this beautiful and amazing piece of nature is by boat or kayaks