"Baby Echidnae: No, not a hedgehog which is an insectivore or a porcupine which is a rodent, but an echidnae which is a monotreme (lays shelled eggs). They live in Australia and New Guinea, where there are neither hedgehogs nor porcupines." That is the smallest echidnae I have seen and I have seen quite a few and the angle to see the pretty face is good too. S

Is that like an albino hedgehog?? Is there such a thing???

mommy and baby hedgehog!!

Little tiny thing! Cutest piggy ever!

Inari Foxes - oh my gosh. Cutest thing ever.

baby penguin

Happiest hedgehog ever!!

Little muffin!

Baby koala bear

Little Hedgehog





Baby otter. Cutest little thing ever

cutest thing in the world

the only thing cuter than an otter is a baby otter. and the only thing cuter than a baby otter is a sleeping baby otter.

The teensiest, cutest little chameleons ever. These can't be real!

Naked guinea pig!

dog with baby ducks.

I literally couldn't be more obsessed with him!