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Hey, it's the Phantom of the Opera meets Cats!

I actually laughed out loud. Not that smirk or the little grunt, it was full on laughter!!!!!

This changes everything completely…YES! why have I never seen this before!! haha

@Sabra Lemmon I'm starting to think all cat stuff is pretty freaking funny!!!

I wonder if they even remember what life was like without instantaneous information and entertainment.

I don't always dig holes in the yard, but when I do, I sit in them and judge the world.

This cat has seen things that no cat would ever wish to see...of course, with eye the size of this cat's, he's most likely correct!

omg! when i spend the night my friend's house, i will wake up and her cat will be 2 inches from my face staring at me!!!

i laughed so hard. not sure why lol