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Bright pink lips. For products that will turn heads, visit

bold matte lip tutorial // featuring tissue trick so your color will last longer and your lipstick won't tack down to your glass

I love this idea for a quick and easy hair style (although that is not what the linked article is about).

matte lips - love the natural eye with the bold lip, the brows work to draw your attention to the eye area that is beautiful!

Awkward close-up. Anyways, it seems like people think I wear some sort of complicated make-up artist makeup everyday since I always get tutorial requests on my everyday makeup. But really, its nothing special about it. Look at it and do what you see o: I usually dont wear lipstick tho.But what most people miss is that a shiny/shimmery white eyeshadow on the browbone does alot to the face.

If you just line your lips with a bright color, the insides of your eyes with white, and curl your eyelashes, people get convinced you're all dolled up. Love it! You can pass out right when you get home without washing your face and not worry about your pores getting all clogged when you sleep.

Matte skin is the new dewy skin, but we'd never turn our backs on a strong lip. Rochas, SS 13

I love my orange lipstick. A great summer color and a great pop! when it is winter.