Interesting article - "The true story - Thomas P. Peschak"

vertical - I pinned this onto Crackpot CrAzY! (Overboard!) because this is INSANE! Like WOW, the strength, the power, holy SHIT!! I don't have a board yet to put this where I think it deserves to be, mind blowing, yet scary to me cause they kill us, hunt us OR bite into boarders, swimmers by accident thinking they are seals, etc., whichever!! they freak me out! I LOVE SWIMMING & the Water! but guys like this kinda make me....well in a way, what a bummer, in another it's SO COOL!!


Kids sweater? Heck no! More like a me sweater




Tiger shark.

♥ sharks.

The Most Perfectly Timed Photos I’ve Ever Seen - What an amazing pic of a great white shark!! #shark



The Orca is attacking the Great White Shark in the open ocean. I couldn't believe it when I first seen this a few years ago on shark week. This is amazing!

Cage divers confront a Great White Shark.

shark shark shark shark


Thresher sharks, narrow snout, slim, long tails up to half their body length


Whale shark

So powerful and amazing