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    Math = Love: Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads

    Fun, low prep way to help kids practice teen numbers. {Playdough to Plato}

    A really fun math game practicing the order of operations! Great for kids at all levels!

    Simple domino game for multiplication.

    You're Not Bad At Math, You're Just Lazy - YouTube. This video shows that anyone can be good in math. Why do people say, "I'm no good in math" but wouldn't dream of saying "I'm no good at reading?"

    My 5th grade students LOVE these videos! We do one video a week and incorporate it into our vocabulary study for that week. TingoEd Vocab Video - PERSEVERE - YouTube

    It's called the Backwards Zoro. Starting at the bottom, draw a line from the 4 to the 24 (4 goes into 24 six times). Draw the line to the 3 (six times three is 18). Draw the top line and write the answer. Presto! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

    End of the year dice/card games to give kids

    Love to Learn: Math Games!

    Differentiating with Area and Perimeter - use your tile floor in the classroom or hallway to help students practice identifying the area and perimeter of irregular polygons! They loved it in my classroom and were completely engrossed the whole time.

    LEGO Math by Erin Bittman, weareteachers #Math #LEGO

    Math games to learn facts using a deck of cards....lots of different game suggestions here.

    Uno math games - this whole site is awesome!!!

    Here's a great rap video on circumference and area of circles.

    Mathlanding has collected ”thousands of engaging, high-quality lessons, interactives, games, activities, videos and articles.” Search for resources by term, subject or grade level. Nice and easy navigation. KB Konnected

    Great idea for differentiation. Allows for reteaching while still keeping students engaged and learning. Wonder if the Daily 5 for math is similar?

    This is a very fun and engaging adaptation to the traditional dice game of Farkle! This game reinforces the concept of subtraction with regrouping (and without). You will need 6 regular dice to play this multi-player game. Students roll all dice, decide which point-earning dice to keep aside and keep rolling.

    Beat the Teacher - A Place Value Game. All you need is one deck of cards and paper for the students. Can modify for any grade.

    Instead of place value, have students add all digits in each row. Who ever has the largest number wins.

    great math games - Greater Than War, Guess Odd and Guess Even, One Up or One Down, Dozen Dice

    Making Shapes with elastic - great for geometry unit!

    Ten Frame fun with Bears…FrogSpot

    Math Talk!

    Lots of pictures for how to set up your teacher binder for guided math! Establishing routines and structure: Guided Math Set-up And organization (oh and a free assessment sheet!)

    Can you make it? A simple math activity to challenge students and make them think! The kids love it and so will the teacher!